work and live in USA

work and live in USA



If you have decided to work and live in USA then you should have sufficient information about this process. You should know about the term and conditions of this process. First of all you should apply for job in the USA because if you have job offer then you can get the visa easily. If you have job offer from a good US company then you can get visa early.



Most of the people want to work and live in USA. Therefore prior to applying for visa you should find any good job. To get the job you should be well qualified. You should have minimum bachelor degree to apply for the job. If you have experience of some years then you can find the job easily. There are many types of visa programs available in the USA. You should have information about these programs so that you can select the relevant type of program. You can get this information from different sources. You can search for this with the help of the internet and there are many other sources available.


Among the most important visa programs the spouse visa program is mostly used by the people. The waiver visa program is also available. However the lottery visa program is most useful and beneficial for the people. Your qualification can play important role to work and live in USA. The US green card is very important for the people of different countries because this card offers a large no benefits to the applicant.


If you have got the green card then you can live and work in the USA permanently therefore most of the people want to get green card. Nearly 40,000 people get the green card annually. So you should apply for the green card because it is most beneficial for the people.



If you want to get the green card then you can also register online and after that you can check the status of your application easily.  So if you participate in this program then you can win the chance to live and work in USA. Therefore you should apply in this program. Similarly if you are married then your spouse can also participate in this program. If your spouse wins then it is very good news for you because after that you will become eligible for the green card and you can easily works and lives in USA.


It may occur that your application for the green card get rejected for some reasons. There may be several reasons behind it. You should avoid from any mistake in the application form because the most of the applications are rejected due to mistake and some sort of error in application form. So you should try to avoid any mistake in the application form. You should attach all required documents with the application form because your application may be rejected without essential documents. So always try to attach all important and required documents with the application. If you do not have sufficient information about the details of application form then you should contact with any person who can help you.