Full-time$80/hr Nurse Practitioner for Video Consults

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at InstaCraft LLC in United States Of America

By joining the staff of our company's telemedicine service, nurse practitioners will be able to earn up to $80/hr while traveling or working from home. People using our telemedicine app click a button, see the times when they can make an appointment with our medical staff, then at the appointment time, the nurse and the patient will video call for medical consultation. This is valuable to rural, spread out areas of Maine, where traveling long distances is a hassle. It's also great for our nurses, because it allows them to have a flexible work-life balance.

You will set the hours during which you'll be available for appointments, anything from 2-4 hours on certain days of the week or weekend, to full 8 hours shifts if you like five or more days a week. We expect the average appointment to last 5-10 minutes, with 2-5 minutes of electronic paperwork afterward. Appointments can be scheduled in 15 minute increments, 4 per hour (e.g. 3:00pm, 3:15pm, 3:30pm, etc).

The nurse will be paid $20 per appointment, resulting in up to $80/hr. The top-end is likely because we expect patient demand to outstrip our supply of nurse time. Hence our need to hire now. And during times when you don't have an appointment, you can go about your day or global travels as normal.

Living specifically in Bangor Maine area is not necessary.


• Ability to prescribe medicine in the state of Maine.

• Appropriate credentials.

• High empathy and kindness.

• Character suitable to our company's values.

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