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at King's Kids in Tianjin

We're looking for foreign teachers for our agency. Kings Kids focuses on teaching younger children (usually ages 3-12) english using a variety of methods. If you look up the school's website it will say you require a degree, that's not true. There are ways around that (wink wink). Just be willing to learn, love kids, and do what the job requires and you should enjoy your time here. Kings is a decent place to work. It has it's problems but since I've started working here it's improved a lot. They're making changes to the equipment, buying newer computers, fixing broken things, a lot of things were broken when i came. The pay is decent as well. Starting pay usually starts at 8000 rmb and adds 2500 for living expenses which is more than enough for someone to find a one bedroom apartment in the city.

Also the company does provide free chinese lessons weekly, which is useful for those of you that want to learn another language. If interested shoot me an email and I'll gladly respond. P.S. Ask me any question and I'll give you the honest to god truth. Most companies here in China will tell you they're the best and everyone loves them. It's false. They're all quite similar. But I can guarantee you this, Kings pay is decent for the hours you work (around 25 a week). Most places require 40 hours before they'll give you 8000 rmb.
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